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The next camps are only a few weeks away now - fingers crossed for some sunshine!


Welcome to the New Start Adventure Programme!

What is the New Start Adventure Programme? 

The New Start Adventure Programme is a series of 4 outdoor adventure camps aimed at helping you to feel more confident and positive about yourself. You will have the chance to try lots of new activities, stay in different places, meet new friends and learn all sorts of skills. From canoeing and climbing to circus skills and mountain biking, we’re sure you’ll have lots of fun, as well as learning about working together and getting on with others.

Who will be there?

There will be up to 40 young people on each of the camps, who will all come from different schools and groups across Wiltshire. The same young people will be on all of your trips, so once you’ve met them all at the first one, you’ll know everyone for the rest of the camps. You’ll be in a different activity group for each of the camps with around 9 other young people. There’ll also be 3 Mitchemp Trust volunteer staff with you, and an activity instructor, who will be qualified and experienced in the activity you are doing.

What will you do on the New Start Adventure Programme? 

Click on the picture above to find out about the different stages of the programme!

Essential information: 

  • NO COST: It’s free – you won’t have to pay anything or need any special kit to take part.
  • TRAVEL: We’ll pick you up in a coach from a school near to where you live and take you to the camp. We’ll send you a letter before the trip to tell you where and what time you’ll need to meet the coach.
  • KIT LIST: We’ll also send you a list of what you need to bring with you, but don’t worry, you don’t need any special clothes or kit to take part. Just make sure you bring old clothes and plenty of pairs of socks! You can also see a copy of the kit list in our Documents section. View the Kit list here.
  • CONTACT DETAILS: Don’t forget to tell us if your address or telephone number change, or if there’s anything else you’d like to let us know - get in touch through the Contact Us  page.

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