Case Studies
A letter from Gavin

Dear tessa,

i am just writing to thank you for letting me come to the mitchemp trust

Sam's story
Sam was diagnosed with ADHD during his Primary School years and has always struggled with the structure of the school environment. He found it hard to concentrate or stick to the rules in a class of children. He is also dyslexic, making reading and writing more difficult.
Kirsty's Story
Kirsty was born with a hearing impairment. As she grew up this really began to impact on her confidence, especially as she approached adolescence. Kirsty was very conscious of being different, and didn’t enjoy taking part in groups or activities, especially if it would necessitate her having to take her hearing aids out.
Joe's Story

Letter from a mother to our Youth Development Manager:

Dear Tessa,

My apologies to you for not writing to you sooner on the amazing difference the Mitchemp Trust has had on my son Joe and to our family.

Beth's Story

There are many examples of the positive impact attending the programme has had on the lives of individuals. One such young person is Beth, who was given the chance to attend the camps by Wiltshire Young Carers.

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