Joe's Story

Letter from a mother to our Youth Development Manager:

Dear Tessa,

My apologies to you for not writing to you sooner on the amazing difference the Mitchemp Trust has had on my son Joe and to our family.

Before Joe went on a camp with you he was really struggling with changes in our family. I had started a new relationship which Joe was not happy about, he became angry and would lash out both physically and verbally this was also having such a big effect on his school work. Joe was getting into fights at school and just couldn't concentrate all his teachers and friends knew this was out of character for Joe.

When Joe started secondary school the first year he was still struggling he was bullied and just not happy. Then Joe had the opportunity to go on one of the Mitchemp Trust camps and as you know Joe did find it challenging and he wanted to come home but he stuck it out and stayed at the camp with you.

On Joe’s return from the camp I was feeling really stressed and I thought I was going to pick up a stressed and angry boy. To my surprise Joe was calm, when we got home he put his arms around me and thanked me for being his mum and all the things I do for him (tears in my eyes). Me and Joe talk so much better now and we work at understanding each other without getting angry, I feel I have changed too.

When Joe went back to school I received a phone call from his tutor I immediately thought oh no what now, but she was phoning to tell me how much Joe had changed even she couldn't believe the big difference in him. Joe never wanted to reward himself by putting golden stars under his name for achievements and now he was.

She was telling me how great Joe was doing it and that he was so much better to teach. It really was a lovely phone call.I don't know what happened on the camp to help Joe so much, but I would like to thank you all for all you've done and are doing.With much gratitude from a much happier family.


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