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Baffin Island 2011

Baffin Island is an arctic wilderness of jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys, steep walled fjords and eternal glacial ice. Located above the Arctic Circle, this powerful landscape reflects the Inuit belief that time is infinite and unending. Walking and skiing through the Auyuittuup Park, we will explore this remarkable environment and experience the majesty of the Arctic.

A team of 12 will attempt a ski traverse of the Akshauk Pass which involves travelling over 140 miles through remote and challenging terrain in temperatures as low as -25 C.

The expedition will be self supporting whilst on route and all members of the team will play their part in the success of the venture. Individuals will need to be committed to their training and preparation.

Each individual will be asked to cover their own direct costs and raise £5,000 for the Mitchemp Trust's work with vulnerable young children. You will be given comprehensive fundraising support which will enable you to reach your target.

If you would like further information contact Mark Davey.

Example Itinerary and Costs
Typical Baffin Expedition details
2007 Baffin Island Expedition Report
The 2007 Baffin Island Expedition Team would like to thank all of their sponsors for kindly supporting this remarkable journey which has raised £180,000 for vulnerable children and has involved travelling through one of the harshest environments on the planet.
2005 Baffin Island Expedition Report
I was blissfully unaware of the 'severe weather warning' email which had been sent from the Ayuttik National Park office on Baffin Island just after we set off from London: a good thing, as I would have immediately put Plan B into action (to hide in the toilets at Heathrow airport and refuse to come out).
2004 Baffin Island Expedition Report
We shared our last flight (and our 5th from the UK) with a traditionally dressed Inuit Grandmother visiting her family for Easter, and one other local. You know you are in a different environment when the pilot also unloads the baggage - in our case two 100lb sledges or 'pulks' that held everything we were going to need for our 10 day trek through the Auyuittup Park, north of the Arctic circle.
Arctic Adventure Article

 by James Ashton - Daily Mail

In an ocean of bright white, I can't see anything other than the vague outline of a blue windproof suit in front of me. The breath on my sunglasses has frozen thick, despite frequent rubbing. My goggles are in my pocket, similarly useless. If trekking across the Arctic is the vision thing, then I am struggling.

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