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Challenge Events

Fidelity 10 Peaks Challenge - 18th June 2011
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David Hempleman Adams

"When I was at school, a teacher took a group of us camping and it was there that I learnt that I could achieve more that I thought. I truly believe that without this experience it could have been a different outcome for me."

Founder & Trustee.

Young People

Fun, friends and excitement

Fun, excitement, new friends and new choices! Find out what you'll be doing on the Youth Adventure Programme


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Do something worthwhile at the weekend!

The Mitchempt Trust relies on the enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication of the volunteer team. Find out what they have been up to and how you can be part of the fun!



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The Mitchemp Trust

Our Vision: To give young people the hope, confidence and life skills to meet the challenges in their lives and together build trust and motivation through a journey of experience, adventure and fun.

The Youth Adventure Programme is an outdoor youth development course that provides young people between 11 and 14 years old a chance to try new things and challenge themselves.

The programme enables them to experience success, learn to go beyond their own expectations and grow in confidence. Through a combination of residential camps and day activities young people learn about team work, communication, social skills and taking responsibility.

These are the essential building blocks to help young people grow into individuals who are able to make a positive contribution to society.

“I’ve never completed something like this before, but thanks to The Mitchemp Trust I feel I can do anything.” Young Person

“This has been life changing for my daughter. She has grown and developed as a person and is far happier within herself.” Parent

"If I can do this.....I can do anything!" Young Person

“The Mitchemp Trust is special because it provides opportunities that are otherwise unavailable. It helps give a boost to those that need an extra hand in life.” Carer


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